We want to bring together young researchers in Sweden working on the border of math, biology, and medicine.

The Workshop

We are pleased to invite you to our Workshop on Modelling in Biology and Medicine (MBM). The workshop will take place on 9th and 10th May 2019. We aim to gather all young researchers in Sweden working on modelling of biological systems. Our ambition is to give all participants the opportunity to present their work through an oral presentation or a poster. Further, we wish to provide an insight on how modelling in biology and medicine is used in industry.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the MBM workshop!

Who we are

We are a small group of PhD students and PostDocs working at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg, as well as the Department of Systems and Synthetic Biology, Chalmers University of Technology.

Organizing committee

Invited Speakers

Matteo Barberis

Assistant Professor and Scientific Researcher at the University of Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam

Matteo is Assistant Professor at the University of Amsterdam and has a background in industrial biochemistry, molecular biology and computational modelling. His research focuses on integrating experimentation and computation to gain insight on cellular organization. His main areas of focus are temporal control of gene regulation of cell cycle control and multi-scale frameworks that integrate cellular regulation.

Matteo Barberis

Photo via Personal Website

Francesco Gatto

Guest Researcher at Chalmers and Co-Founder + Chief Scientific Officer at Elypta

Named Winner of MIT Technology Review's Innovators Under 35 in 2018, Francesco co-founded Elypta in 2017, a molecular diagnostics start-up focussed to improve the survival outlook of cancer patients by developing systems biology-driven biomarkers. He invented a diagnostic and prognostic test for renal cell carcinoma based on an exceptionally accurate liquid biopsy, which leveraged on a novel systems biomarker for this common form of kidney cancer. This test recently showed unprecedented potential for other cancer types.

Peter Gennemark

PhD in Computing Science specialising in Systems Biology and Senior Research Scientist at AstraZeneca R&D

Peter is working with mathematical modelling of biological systems and their interactions with drugs (systems biology and PK/PD). In particular, body composition modelling. In particular, this involves computational and applied mathematical aspects of mathematical modelling such as identification, experimental planning, and data integration. He has been involved in the development of multiple software applications, concerning experimental design for preclinical applications (PopED lite), identification of ordinary differential equations (www.odeidentification.org), and accelerated analysis of preclinical PK/PD data (a Matlab library).

Adil Mardinoglu

Associate Professor and group leader at Sysmedicine, SciLifeLab

Adil is an expert in the field of Systems Biology and Bioinformatics. His recent research activities include the generation of the context specific genome-scale metabolic models for healthy human cell-types e.g. adipocytes, hepatocytes and myocytes as well as certain types of cancer e.g. liver cancer. He employed the reconstructed comprehensive models for revealing the molecular mechanisms of obesity associated diseases as well as for discovery of the novel biomarkers and drug targets. He also reconstructed personalized and population based models for liver cancer patients in order to identify anticancer drug targets that can inhibit the growth of, or kill tumors.

Adil Mardinoglu

Photo via 86th EAS congress

PhD student and PostDoc Speakers

To be anounced


9th May

Time Activity
13.00 Registration
14.00 Invited speakers
15.00 Coffee and posters ("Group A")
16.00 Oral presentations by PhD-students and PostDocs
18.30 Dinner

10th May

Time Activity
8.30 Invited Speakers
9.30 Coffee and posters ("Group B")
10.30 Oral presentations by PhD-students and PostDocs
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Oral presentations by PhD-students and PostDocs
14.00 Industrial applications
15.00 Coffee and posters ("Group C")
16.00 Invited speakers
17.00 Departure


The conference will be held at the Wallenberg Conference Center, room Europe.


No registration fee for PhD students.

Type of participation
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